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At People Learning Academy, we provide bespoke training packages to fully support all applicants wanting to become a minicab driver (Private Hire Driver) in London.

Private hire applicants are required to undertake a topographical skills assessment as part of their application. However, the following applicants may be exempt if they are:

* Previously licensed PHV drivers who have passed a topographical skills test

* Licensed London taxi drivers – All London and Suburban

* Professional London tourists guides (e.g. Blue Badge Driver Guide)

* An individual who can provide TPH with evidence of a relevant vocational qualification in passenger transport (e.g. NVQ or equivalent)

The Topographical skills test checks the applicant’s basic ability in map reading through the use of an A to Z.

The test is divided and structured into 5 sections that are conducted in English. Training will prepare you in detail to successfully complete each module.

* Map reading ability – ability to use a simple map and lookup addresses and key points.

* Local route selection – ability to be able to plan and choose routes in London going from various destinations.

* Intermediate route selection – ability to be able to plan and choose routes beyond your local area but still within London.

* Long distance route selection – ability to plan routes to a destination outside of London.

* Four general topographical skills questions – general map reading questions such as orientation and motorways.

We specialise in providing professional help and support, ensuring you get the best possible training and we will ensure you walk away confident in order to pass the test!

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52A Unimix House

London NW10 7TR

Mon-Sat 09.00-20.00

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