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Driving Theory

Driving Theory & Hazard Perception Test Preparation Class

People Learning Academy Ltd are a classroom based centre teaching Driving Theory and Hazard Perception. Based at Park Royal, we offer a well structured and deliverable course to get our students to pass the car/motorbike theory and hazard perception test with ease.

The use of computers are available for use for the mock test and exam simulation. Also English support, Dyslexic and non readers are assisted.

Plenty of visual aids and demonstrations to get you up to speed with confidence.

What Is required?

The Theory Test consists of two parts:

* The Theory Test , which has 50 questions. Please note that you need to answer 43 questions correctly in order to pass the theory test.

The multiple choice test covers the following topics:

safety and your vehicle
safety margins
hazard awareness
vulnerable road users
other types of vehicle
road conditions and vehicle handling
motorway driving
rules of the road
road and traffic signs
essential documents
incidents, accidents and emergencies
vehicle loading.

Hazard Perception consists of 14 video clips, each about a minute long. Each clip shows driving situations involving other road users and shot from a drivers point of view. To pass this test you must achieve a score of 44 points or more of a possible 75 points.

You must pass both the theory and the hazard perception tests in order to qualify.

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People Learning Academy Ltd.

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3 Day course

£ 100
  • Recap with Mock Simulations of theory and hazard perception tests.

2 Day Course

£ 75
  • Covers All 10 Modules to pass the theory and hazard perception test

Extra Day

£ 50
  • For those whom recently failed with a score of around 40. For those who want to brush up before taking a test

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