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IELTS Test Preparation

IELTS Preparation Course

People Learning Academy offers full-time and part-time IELTS preparation classes in Park Royal, London. Our dedicated IELTS training courses are ideal for international students wishing to improve their IELTS score for entry to a UK university, for employment or immigration.

Choose the Academic test if you want to join a professional organisation, train, or study at an English-medium university at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Course objectives

* To achieve desired IELTS band

* To familiarise students with the IELTS exam format

* To introduce and practice essential IELTS exam techniques

* To learn academic vocabulary specific to the IELTS exam

* To practice all skill areas under timed, exam conditions

* To assess student’s progress according to IELTS exam marking criteria

Course content

This course is created for your individual needs and we will design a study plan with you to work towards it.

The programme concentrates on the academic language you will need to succeed in the IELTS test. You will cover test strategies and how to approach each task type in the exam.

As well as building confidence, you will have extensive practice in the following areas covered in the test:

* Reading

* Listening

* Writing

* Speaking

Why study IELTS at People Learning Academy?

* We aim to improve your IELTS score by 0.5 (in 7 weeks) or 1.0 (over 10 weeks)

* Evening and weekend classes available

* Maximum class size of six

* Start your classes on Monday with our flexible part-time schedule

* General English and ESOL lessons available upon request

We run a fantastic 15 hours of IELTS exam preparation every week so students can make really fast progress. As a rule, a student requires around 6 weeks of 15 hours

of tuition per week to increase their current IELTS score by 0.5. If you study for 30 hours per week you should increase your IELTS score by 0.5 within three weeks.

Come in for a free test and a consultation with an experienced teacher. We will assess your current IELTS score and provide you with a personalised study plan, enabling you to achieve the score you need!

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