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PCO Medical Docter


To obtain your PCO Licence, you will need to be declared medically fit according to DVLA Group 2 Standards. The criteria includes reaction times, hearing tests and checking for other serious health conditions.

The Medical Declaration form (TPH/204) which we provide, must be handed to GP that has full access to your medical history.

The PCO medical examination will only take around 30 minutes and you will be asked questions about the following topics:

* Cardiovascular

* endocrine system

* musculoskeletal

* neurological

* psychiatric

* vision

Based on the results of the PCO medical examination, the doctor will write down on your PHV/204 if you have fulfilled the medical requirements of the DVLA Group 2 Licence and will then apply the surgery stamp on it. We then send this form off as part of your PCO application.

Applicants are exempt from completing a medical form as part of their application if they:

* Hold a DVLA Group 2 licence (full or a provisional licence issued since January 1998)

* Have an active application with TFL, have completed their medical and are under the age of 45

Active applicants or existing licensees must have a medical exam if over the age of 45 and the last medical was done more than three years ago, or you are subject to providing an age-related medical.

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