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National Insurance card

National Insurance Number (NINO)

All staff employed in the UK, whether UK, European or international citizens, need a National Insurance number.

You can start work without one but you must then apply immediately. The law requires you to apply for a number if you do not already have one and you are working or are intending to work.

Your National Insurance number (‘NINO’) ensures that the Government properly records your National Insurance contributions and taxes your pay. It also acts as your reference number for the whole social security system, for example when you contact the Department for Work and Pensions or HMRC.

Your NINO is unique to you throughout your life but it is not a form of identity. You must never use someone else’s NINO. Every person has their own number and each member of your family aged 16 or over should have their own number.

To obtain a National Insurance Number you will be required to attend an “Evidence of Identity Interview” with the Jobcentre Plus.

At the interview you have to bring one of the following documents:

  • passport or identity card
  • residence permit
  • birth or adoption certificate
  • marriage or civil partnership certificate
  • driving licence


Please note that if you are from outside the EEA and your UK residence card says you cannot access public funds you will be unable to apply for benefits.

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