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Romanian Language Course

Romanian Language Course


  • Romanian Level 1 Beginners
  • Romanian Level 2 Intermediate
  • Romanian Level 3 Advanced

Romanian Level 1 Beginners

Course description: Level 1 is for individuals with no previous knowledge of the language or minimal knowledge such as the alphabet and greetings.

The course will cover the following:

Topics: the alphabet and pronunciation, greetings, numbers, my family, my house, food, clothes, people characteristics, directions.

Functions: introducing oneself, understanding numbers (prices, telephone numbers), describing your family, ordering food in a restaurant, describing a simple recipe, describing your house, buying clothes, understanding directions, describing people.

Grammar: nouns, plurals, articles, cases, verbs in present tense, future tense and past tense, subjunctive, adjectives, simple prepositions and conjunctions, numerals, personal pronouns and cases, accusative reflexive pronouns, possessive pronouns, simple adverbs.

Romanian Level 2 Lower Intermediate

Course description: Level 2 is for individuals who completed Level 1 or who have some knowledge of the language acquired through regular visits to the country or through self-study.

The course will cover the following:

Topics: meals of the day ,food and drink, human body, medical conditions, sports, hobbies, music, simple short stories, humour, geography, important tourism, Romanian customs and habits, introduction to Romanian society and its challenges.

Functions: describing the human body, describing simple symptoms at the doctor, talking about sports, talking about hobbies, acquiring a basic awareness of Romanian music and understanding simple lyrics, reading simple short stories, summarising a text, presenting a short topic, writing letters and emails, expressing agreement and disagreement, apologising.

Grammar: agreement between nouns and adjectives in different cases, compound nouns, imperfect tense, perfect tense, impersonal forms, the conditional, dative reflexive verbs, demonstrative pronouns, basic indefinite pronouns, interrogative and relative pronouns, bipersonal and unipersonal verbs, prepositions and cases, more polite pronouns,

Romanian Level 3 Advanced

Course description: Level 3 is for individuals who completed Level 2 or who have good knowledge of the language acquired through living in the country or through using Romanian regularly.

The course will cover the following:

Topics: newspaper articles, significant events in Romanian history, Romanian political system, Romanian educational system, Romanian writers, artists, sportsmen, historical figures, Romanian films.

Functions: simple analysis of a film orally and in writing, skimming and/or translating newspaper articles of interest, talking about Romania’s history, general culture and important figures in general terms; understanding and talking about the school system and the political system; familiarising oneself with short and famous literary works.

Grammar: present and past presumptive, word formation (suffixes, prefixes, infixes, derivation), regional grammatical forms, historical past, synonyms, antonyms.

Course Structure

  • Each course takes 40 hours (20 lessons) to complete.
  • All classes last two hours and commence at 6.00pm.
  • One lesson( 2 hours) costs £ 50 ( £25 /hour)
  • You can book each party individually or all three parts together
  • Our courses are designed to teach students how to communicate effectively in their chosen language.
  • All four skills are taught (reading, writing, listening and speaking), with particular emphasis being placed on oral communication.
  • Our courses present the language as it is spoken today in everyday situations, covering basic survival skills for beginners through to fluent communication at advanced levels.
  • Class sizes allow maximum involvement of all participants and vary between 4 – 10 participants.

Learning Resources

The course is based on the tutor’s own materials. Students may also want to get a copy of Romanian at First Sight or Colloquial Romanian, which will be used as supplementary material. The tutor will provide photocopies from these textbooks in class, as well as photocopies of Romanian magazine pages and relevant internet links (ads, promotions, online dictionaries and podcasts).

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